Métis who is the goddess of knowledge from Greek myth…

In French, the word means “mixed””mixed blood”
The world has been changing so intensely, and Roppongi as known as Night town in Tokyo where is one of the central city in the world has mixed race and culture.
With the concept of 和魂洋才(Western style with Japanese Spirit), we would love to express the new food culture by combination of Japanese ingredients for each four seasons and French traditions and philosophy.

The interior and exterior which we put lots of Japanese harmony, and the lively kitchen surrounding Kamado(wood fire stove) and bonfire stand.
From every 8 counter seats, you can feel extraordinal and immersed space from the kitchen.
With sound and smell of bonfire, we put our heart of hoping you could feel the enjoyment through five senses.
Even though you see the restaurant with bonfire a lot in these days, it must be rare where you can feel the bonfire in this closeness….

The concept of our restaurant
”和魂洋才” ”innovative ” ”bonfire”

Our chief Suzuki who have learned real French cuisine from maestros during f his stay in French said he would like to express the true French cuisine by modern Japan.
In the world where the word of innovative fusion has been established as one of the genres, we would like you to enjoy his original work and expression came from his experience.

Based on the concept of 和魂洋才, we explore our originality by mixing Japanese seasonal food and French esprit.

Adding above, approaching to the cooking with the bonfire.
In this age, there are lots of cooking style has been established from scientific side.
Even though it is contradicted with the concept of innovative, we want to appeal the world of modern gastronomy by reminding the bonfire which is most primitive style of cooking.

The number of meat dishes served with fire coming from understanding of effect and principle of bonfire will be true value.

The Job and Effect of Bonfire

Cooking will be done with perfect control of bonfire temperature and firepower and utilize characteristic for each materials.
With the accent of smell of smoke, the meat will be wrapped by steam which was contained in firewood and eventually have crunchiness outside.
Adding to it, we finish up to condense Umami with juiciness.

Firewood Stand

Wagyu cooked by bonfire

Wagyu A5・BMS12 ”Triceps Brachii Caput”

Rare part ” Triceps Brachii Caput “

Meat Quality

We select and cook beef ranked in A5 which is the most high quality meet in Japan.
But not only that, we also use the part with BMS 12 stands for top standard among 12 classifications of marbled beef rank.

The rare part of shoulder “Triceps Brachii Caput”

It looks like the rich lean meat balanced with marble, but it actually has enough protein with lean quality since the part will be used for daily exercises.
That makes not too much liquid but more Umami favor.