Équipe de Mētis Roppongi

Chef : Masatsugu Suzuki

He started cooking job at the age of 15 and went to France for trained at a OneMichelin star restaurant in 2005 at the age of 20. After returning Japan, he trained at aFrench restaurant in Tokyo, and then went to France again.

He returned Japan after three years of experience at restaurants have Michelin star where “Stella Maris”, “Gérard Besson” and “Lapérous”. Since 2013, he has been sous-chef of “Keiske Matsushima”and joined the global dining company through headhunting in 2015.

After he starting a Wood burning-grilling restaurant “LIGNIS” he became the executive chef of the company and executive officer from 2021. Since then, he has worked on the development and Supervision of many concepts at global dining company. In 2022, he became the head chef of Métis Roppongi.

Manager,Sommelier : Atsushi Ogasawara

After working at several locations in Tokyo, including “Taillevent robuchon”, He went to France. He deepened his knowledge of winemaking at the Faculty of Enology at the University of Bordeaux and worked as a sommelier at four restaurants, including “Bistro du
Sommelier” in Paris and “L’Auberge de l’ill” in Alsace, before returning to Japan.

He held positions such as Chef Sommelier at “Beige Alain Ducasse” and Deputy Manager at “Esquisse” before assuming the position of Manager at “Dominique Bouchet” in 2019.

Since 2021, he has been involved in launching various restaurants and working as a consultant. In 2022, he became the Manager of “Métis Roppongi.”